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4 Day Strength Sizzler

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4 Day Strength Sizzler

Make optimal gains with 3 well-deserved rest days.

Our 4 Day Strength Sizzler plan is a guaranteed tool to get those gains! Focusing on building up the strength of major muscle groups, this strength sizzler plan can be utilised by everyone. Want to become your strongest self? Give this a try.

What does it consist of?

With 4 days of workouts, focusing on a muscle group per day, these plans allow for amazing strength gains. Each day starts with a compound, powerlifting style lift that recruits multiple muscles, giving you a wicked workload. After utilising adequate rest, the programme goes onto accessory work to hit more isolated muscles, making sure your whole body is functioning as a strong machine! The auto-regulation technology of the plan also allows for effective progression and adaptations in the following workouts to best suit your recovery and gains. 

Lifelong Fitness

This strength sizzler plan can be reused repeatedly. Just go back to the start, choose different exercises from our wide range, update your 10RM to reflect the gains you made first time round and off you go. The 7th de-load week allows your body to have a well-deserved rest, meaning that you can hit those strength gains 10x harder the second time around.

Finding it too much of a challenge?

Fear not, upon purchasing our 4 Day Strength Sizzler workout plan, you will automatically gain access to our slightly less demanding strength workout plan, the 3 Day Strength Sizzler for FREE.


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