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5 Day Flamin' Physique Builder

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5 Day Flamin' Physique Builder

Ultimate physique builder for fitness fanatics.

Developed for more experienced fitness enthusiasts, our 5 Day Flamin’ Physique Builder offers the highest volume of exercises. Split into upper body and lower body days allowing you to target muscle gain. By no means, is this an easy program, with only 2 rest days, it proves a challenge, but a challenge worth conquering! 

What does it consist of?

The plan consists of 6 weeks’ worth of exercise routines, working out 5 days per week. It is available in downloadable spreadsheet form, providing you with the ability to rate your performance and the plan will dynamically update based on how you rate each exercise, this allows us to deliver a completely customised and tailored physique workout programme. At the end of the 6 weeks’, we have a de-load week to allow your body to recover from all the hard work. 

One plan, forever fit!

Due to the sheer volume of different exercises paired with the customised touch, this plan can be one that you purchase and use over and over for the coming years, there are multiple exercises for each category, and as you progress, so do your workouts. Amend your 10RM Estimate at the beginning of every 6 weeks to ensure that you’re gaining progress on your prior 6-week performance. 

Too much of a challenge? 

Think this plan is too much of a challenge for you? No problem! Once you’ve purchased the 5 Day Flamin’ Physique Builder, you’ll gain access to all the other great Flamin’ Physique Builder plans we have available, allowing you to find the one that’s just right for you. 


Really happy with the service I received - I would recommend and will order again.

I really appreciate how easy it was to communicate any of my concerns about delivery. I got quick responses and could tell they cared about my delivery getting to me. Really happy about this and happy with the products too!

Brilliant company and your personal emails had me laughing. Would definitely recommend people to use Flamin' Fitness for products.

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