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Smart Neck Massager

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Smart Neck Massager

Suffering from neck pain recently? 🤔

Our smart neck massager is the solution for you, relax your body and mind and relieve cervical fatigue. With the adjustable temperature controls, you can simulate human hands touching your neck relieving aches and fatigue.

Why we think you'll love it:

  • ✅  - Effectively relieves aches and fatigue in your neck and back - Our smart neck massager provides relaxation therapy by simulating a real human massage to help relieve neck soreness tensions in your shoulders and body and promote blood circulation.

  • ⚙️  - 6 massage modes with 15 different strength levels - Your new personal massage therapist can cater to every form of neck massage you want, ranging from very low to much higher intensity, some of these modes include:
    • Acupuncture Mode - Alleviate pain and swelling of your neck and shoulders by stimulating the dazhui point.
    • Hammer Mode: Mimics the traditional human thumb massage by tapping and pressing to replenish ions while restoring muscle elasticity.
    • Kneading Mode: Stimulates the body to increase blood flow to the brain and relieve fatigue.
    • Comprehensive Mode: The full works, massaging your neck, shoulders, legs, and more.

  • 🩸  - Promotes Blood Circulation - The muscle stimulation produced from our smart neck massager relaxes your blood vessels, muscles, and bones to accelerate blood circulation and reduce cervical pain.

  • 😌  - Comfortable to wear - You're using this product to relieve pain, so it should be comfortable to wear, and we've ensured that it is, depending on the intensity setting you choose, you may not even notice that you're wearing it.

  • 👜  - Portable and convenient - Small size of our smart neck massager allows you to throw it in your bag with you wherever you go, ensuring that you have a solution to your neck pain wherever you may be.

Instructions For Use:

  1. Insert 2x AA batteries (not included).
  2. Press the on button and the display with show a red indicator.
  3. Place the massager around your neck.
  4. Press the 'high' button until the massage is at your desired level of intensity.

We recommend dampening your neck with either a wet towel or body lotion before use for the best results.


Really happy with the service I received - I would recommend and will order again.

I really appreciate how easy it was to communicate any of my concerns about delivery. I got quick responses and could tell they cared about my delivery getting to me. Really happy about this and happy with the products too!

Brilliant company and your personal emails had me laughing. Would definitely recommend people to use Flamin' Fitness for products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
David Kennedy

Arrived quickly, really happy with the quality, the batteries last really long, although they aren't included (they never are these days!) - The massage is very effective but does take some time to find the sweet spot for you. All in all, an absolute bargain that I'd highly recommend!

Marie Parsons

Provides a super massage, very relaxing and I'm really pleased with it, I'd highly recommend you give it a go! The only downside is that it operates on batteries and is not rechargeable.

Rosie Henderson

Arrived fast, I am really happy with the results I've received after only using it 3 times - it's a complete game-changer! It's really helped improve my neck pain, I recommend!

Kimberly Gardner

Really good little product, I highly recommend! I've been using it every now and then for about a month now and it's really helped to relieve pain in my neck and shoulders - definitely worth the money!

Luke Harding

I liked the massager very much, it works perfectly, I have ordered another one for my wife!

Robert Hawkins

I'm super happy with my new neck massager, it works complete wonders at relieving aches and pains, I've been using it for about 2 months now and it works great, well worth the money!

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