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Wobble Board

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Wobble Board

Burn fat in only a few minutes each day! 🥵

Our all-in-one balance board stimulates the entire body, giving you an entire body workout and effectively reducing body fat to provide a more toned physique:

  • ⚖️  - Improves balance and coordination - Thanks to the curved design of our wobble board, regular use will develop your balance and improve your coordination ability.

  • 🔥  - Burn fat in a few minutes a day - All it takes is a few minutes a day, provided you use the board consistently to burn fat and achieve a more toned physique.

  • ✅  - Tones the entire body - Balancing and turning on our durable wobble board stimulates multiple muscles leading to strengthened legs, buttocks, abs and back.

  • 💪  - Strong and durable - Designed to last, our wobble board is produced from high-quality, durable plastic engineered to withhold people of all weights.

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  - Suitable for all fitness levels - Whether this is your first time or your a seasoned professional, our wobble board offers you a full-body workout in only minutes a day, if you're a beginner, we'd recommend holding onto something for your first few attempts until you're used to the sensation of balancing. 


Really happy with the service I received - I would recommend and will order again.

I really appreciate how easy it was to communicate any of my concerns about delivery. I got quick responses and could tell they cared about my delivery getting to me. Really happy about this and happy with the products too!

Brilliant company and your personal emails had me laughing. Would definitely recommend people to use Flamin' Fitness for products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amber Taylor

Great quality wobble board with super speedy delivery! I'm very pleased with my new wobble board, like most people (I hope it's not just me!) it took a few tries to master the balance but since that point I have thoroughly enjoyed using it almost everyday!

Susan Jones

Really happy with my new wobble board! It took a day or two to get used to but since then it's been smooth sailing! It's amazing how good I feel each time I use it, really feel like it's making a difference to my muscles and helping me lose weight! I highly recommend!

Zoe Thompson

Absolutely perfect! Very good quality product, feels like it is going to last a long time! Not only is it helping me burn fat, it's also great fun to use! I highly recommend!

Owen Williams

Wow! This is a bit of a challenge to get used to but when I did, I had the most fun since I was a little kid, this piece of kit is perfect for exercising at home and having a great time! I recommend!

Joseph Davies

Feels really strong and durable when in use - holds my bodyweight of 83kg which I was a bit skeptical of at first! Really happy with my purchase and highly recommend you give it a go for yourself!

Alexandra Cooper

Much better than I expected, this is something that I never thought I needed but now can't get enough of! Very happy with my purchase!

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