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Foam Rollers

Massage your muscles with our range of foam rollers.

Foam rolling is an excellent exercise that is commonly used for self-muscle release. Similar to a deep tissue massage, it's great for working into tight muscles that could be causing problems with your joints and mobility.

Foam rolling is used for breaking down developed scar tissue within your muscles and increasing the blood flow into your muscles. Browse our collection of foam rollers and relieve some tension today.


Foam Yoga Roller


Essential Foam Roller & Massage Ball Set


Foam Roller & Peanut Massage Ball Set


Foam Roller & Massage Balls Complete Set


Foam Roller & Massage Ball Set


Ultimate Foam Roller & Massage Balls Set


Massage Ball & Peanut Foam Roller Set


Orange Peanut Massage Ball (12x24cm)


Colourful Peanut Massage Ball (12x24cm)


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