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Pilates Mats

Explore the fundamentals of pilates with our pilates mats.

Pilates mats allow you to explore the fundamental pilates movements without having to use equipment, using a pilates mat is a great place to get started with pilates before using equipment, or if you're regularly using pilates equipment, then practising with a mat can make a refreshing change to your regular routine. View our collection of pilates mats.

10mm Extra Thick Non-Slip Yoga Mat


Light Pink / Blue

Two-Tone Body Alignment Yoga Mat

$49.00  $59.00

Mandala Natural Cork Yoga Mat

$88.00  $98.00

Elephant Natural Cork Yoga Mat

$88.00  $98.00

Lotus Natural Cork Yoga Mat

$88.00  $98.00

Body Alignment Natural Cork Yoga Mat

$88.00  $98.00

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