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How To Do A Bodyweight Squat

Instructional Video


Written Instructions

  1. Stand straight up with your feet hip width apart or just wider, feet facing forwards or slightly outwards.
  2. Brace your core.
  3. Keeping your back straight, sit back so that your bum goes towards the floor and your knees are pushed outwards.
  4. Once you have reached a depth of 90 degrees or greater, keeping the weight on your heels, fire up and straighten your legs so you return to standing. 


Struggling to hit the 90 degree depth? Place a box/chair behind you. Squat back onto this, so you’re sitting on it, then fire back up to standing. Practice this, eventually making the box/chair lower and lower until you can reach full depth (90 degrees).


Looking for more of a flamin' challenge? Try doing squat jumps, adding a jump into your bodyweight squats can really help you get your sweat on.


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