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How To Do A Crab Walk

Instructional Video


Written Instructions

  1. Stand with your feet close together, hands together at chest level.
  2. Squat down, keeping your back straight, until you are around 90 degrees in depth.
  3. Take a step out to the side with your right foot, keeping the depth in your legs, bring the left foot in together.
  4. Repeat this for a certain length or reps then go the other way with the left foot leading.
  5. Keep your core tight and maintain the depth so that you are balanced throughout the whole movement.


If you’re struggling with these, try swapping them with lateral squats. Starting with your feet together, step one leg out, squatting down. Fire up so your legs are straight and bring your foot back in so your legs are together again. Repeat this for the other side.


Looking for more of a flamin' challenge? Try doing crab walk jumps, adding a jump into this movement can really help you get your sweat on.


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