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How To Do A Tuck Jump

Instructional Video


Written Instructions

  1. Stand upright with your feet together.
  2. Bend your legs slightly to gain some momentum.
  3. Jump as high as you can, tucking your knees up towards your chest as you do so.
  4. Land back on the floor with slightly bent legs.
  5. Repeat as quick as possible in the time limit, focusing on making each rep the same height and form.


Finding tuck jumps too taxing on your body? Swap them for star jumps. Starting with you legs together, jump them out to the sides bringing your arms up into the air as you do so. Bring the legs back together as your arms return to your sides.


Looking for more of a flamin' challenge? Try doing floor touch tuck jumps, adding in that extra push can really help get your sweat on.


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