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Booty Band (Single)

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Booty Band (Single)

The best exercise bands money can buy for your hips, glutes and legs.

Take your leg day to the next level with our Booty Bands, there are many benefits to using these glute-specialised resistance bands.

  • 🏋️‍♀️  - Tone your hips & glutes
  • 🦵  - Improve your training
  • 🫀  - Increase mobility & muscle stamina

Our Booty Bands come in 3 different resistance levels as shown in the table below:

Resistance Level Resistance (lb/kg)
Light 18-60lbs / 8-27kg
Medium 30-90lbs / 13-40kg
Heavy 45-150lbs / 20-68kg


Depending on your fitness level, we'd recommend you start off with the light option and this is best suited towards beginners, if you've got some experience and want a bit of a challenge, try out the medium / intermediate level and if you're an experienced athlete, we'd recommend the heavy option.

We'd recommend using this product for a range of different exercises, here are a few ideas:

  • Glute Bridges/Raises - Use the bands above the knees
  • Glute Kickbacks - Use the bands above the ankles
  • Crab / Lateral Walks - Use bands above the knee or ankles
  • Hip Thrust - Use bands above your knee
  • Squats - Use bands around knees
  • Also effective for arm, calf, rotator cuff and wrist exercises.

Dimensions: 76cm x 8 cm 


Really happy with the service I received - I would recommend and will order again.

I really appreciate how easy it was to communicate any of my concerns about delivery. I got quick responses and could tell they cared about my delivery getting to me. Really happy about this and happy with the products too!

Brilliant company and your personal emails had me laughing. Would definitely recommend people to use Flamin' Fitness for products.

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