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Foam Yoga Block

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Foam Yoga Block

Advance your yoga practice with our essential foam yoga block!

Yoga blocks are an essential piece of equipment for yoga practitioners of all levels, they help beginners to go "lighter" and allow advanced practitioners to enter into postures that would otherwise be inaccessible.

  • ✅  Releases Tight Hips In Seated Postures - When you're in a seated position if your knees rise above your hip line, your hips are shouting out for one of our yoga blocks.

  • ✅  Brings The Floor To You - If you struggle to reach the floor then use one of our yoga blocks to bring the floor to you - they can be beneficial in a number of positions.

  • ✅  Maintains Proper Alignment Of Your Knees - Your knees are one of the easiest joints to injure for a few reasons; weak muscles are responsible for protecting your knee joints and when you're not in the correct placement, you will not train the correct muscles - yoga blocks remedy both of these problems in a range of postures.

  • ✅  Maintains Proper Alignment Of Your Arms & Shoulders - Suitable for any position where your arms should be shoulder-width apart, yoga blocks ensure that they truly are the correct width apart.

  • ✅  Helps Move into Advanced Postures - As children, we had to learn to walk before we could run, yoga blocks have a similar effect, we need that little boost to help us reach those advanced postures that would otherwise be inaccessible, utilising a block to help you will avoid you putting stress on your body and potentially injuring yourself.

Dimensions: 23cm x 15cm x 7.6cm


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