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Jawline Exerciser - 30-50 lbs

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Achieve A Naturally Chiselled Look! ✅

Our jaw exerciser gives you the chiselled jawline look you've always wanted in only 5 minutes a day!

✅  - Slim & Tone - Every time you bite down on our jawline exercise, you'll feel all 57+ facial muscles activating to help you produce tighter, more visible facial muscles.

📆  - Rapid & Long Lasting Results - As facial muscles are small, they respond quickly, meaning you should notice a difference in your physical appearance within the first few days of use.

💪  - Reduce Double Chin - A double chin, something we all dread! Our jawline exerciser helps to tone and tighten the muscles in your chin whilst simultaneously burning fat, reducing any existing double chin or preventing yourself from getting a double chin.

👍  - Easy To Use - It's as simple as popping it in your mouth, performing reps and sets as you would do with any other exercise.

🙌  - Hands-Free Use - No hands required, meaning you can focus on what matters most in your life whilst passively toning your face - use our jaw exerciser whilst watching a movie, cooking dinner, cleaning the house or anything else you can imagine!

👨‍🔬  - Safe To Use - Our high-quality jawline exercise is produced from high-quality food-grade silicone making it safe to use in your mouth.

📈  - Improve Over Time - We offer our jawline exercise in 3 different resistance levels, allowing you to progress and continually improve your jawline over time.

Instructions For Use

🥵  - Boil To Fit - Boil the jaw exerciser in water (ensure that the entire product is submerged in boiling water), keep it in the boiling water for 15-25 seconds and then rinse the product.

🦷  - Adjust To Teeth - When the product has been boiled for 15-25 seconds and any excess water has been rinsed off, place the product on your teeth and gently bite down on the white bite strips to mould them into the most comfortable fit for you.

🗓  - Be Consistent - Follow our recommended workout scheme of 10 minutes per day, consistently for the best results.

📏  - Measure Results - We recommend you take picture of yourself (ensure it's taken in good lighting) before you start using our jaw exerciser, then after 4-8 weeks of consistent use, take another photo and compare the two to see how much progress you've made!We recommend using our jaw exerciser for 10 minutes a day to achieve the best results!


Thank you so much - I've already noticed myself having a much more chiselled jawline in just over a month of using this product - I'm looking forward to continuing using it!

Eddie Sadler

Good quality - feels very solid and durable, was very easy to follow the boil to fit process and it fits very comfortably in my mouth!

Rosemarie Groves

This product is great, the delivery was smooth, it was easy to follow the boil-to-fit process and it fits perfectly, I have been enjoying using it for the last week or so.

Emily Jacobs

Important Questions Answered

Product Related Questions

Yes, our Jawline Exerciser can be custom-fitted to your mouth, when you receive your Jawline Exerciser, simply follow the instructions above to boil the product to fit perfectly within your mouth. However, if it fits you perfectly straight out of the box then there is no need to boil it.

No, you only need to boil it to fit once, and it will retain its shape moving forward.

Great question! Unfortunately, we wouldn't advise using this product if you have braces as the silicone could get stuck in your braces and cause you issues.

Our Jawline Exerciser is made from premium food grade silicone to ensure that it is safe to use in your mouth.

In most cases, we'd recommend starting with level 1 and working your way up, as the higher levels can be difficult to use without any prior experience, the best value deal would be to purchase all 3 levels as this will be able to take you right through from beginner to advanced.

As this product is boil to fit, it is one size fits all. Following the simple boil to fit process, you should be able to achieve the perfect fit for you.

This really depends on the person and how often you use the product, we'd recommend using our Jawline Exerciser for 10-20 minutes per day and taking progress pictures before you start, 4 weeks into using the product and then again 8 weeks into using the product, this should be enough time for you to have made significant results.

We'd strongly advise using our Jawline Exerciser for 10-20 minutes per day, this is enough time to stimulate the muscles in your jaw and neck to ensure you make progress but also not too much to cause any overexertion.

Unfortunately not, this product is designed purely to strengthen the 57+ muscles in your jaw and neck to create a more chiselled jawline through a thorough workout.

General Questions

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Free Delivery On All Orders

We'll ship your Jawline Exerciser - 30-50 lbs to you for FREE with tracking information.

30 Day Easy Returns

Not a perfect fit or just change your mind? You've got 30 days to return your Jawline Exerciser - 30-50 lbs for a full refund.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Savannah Power

I ordered the 3 pack to try every resistance and I'm glad I did as the middle strength feels the best for me! And now I have the option to try something a bit more tricky when I'm feeling confident!

Rory Uddin

The quality of this product is much better than I was expecting for the price - it's really effective - I started on the lower strength one a month ago and have now progressed up to using the strongest level version which was nowhere near possible when I started!

Owen Connelly

Really happy with results I've been seeing since using this! Looking much more chiselled in a matter of weeks!

Harry Goldberg

Excellent quality, I am delighted with my order!

Edward Block

Solid piece of kit, was very easy to get it fitting in my mouth comfortably and am feeling the effects of using it, people have actually complimented me on my facial shape too! Definitely going to keep using this product, might have to order the 50lbs resistance option soon!

Sally Coles

The quality seems good but it took longer than stated to boil, however, after that it was very quick and easy to achieve a comfortable fit.